Venezuelan opposition to decide on strategy to counter elections

Venezuelan opposition to decide on strategy to counter elections 

Caracas residents participate in a meeting organized by the Broad Front for a Free Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela, April 21, 2018. EPA-EFE/Cristian Hernandez

Caracas, Apr 21 (efe-epa).- Opposition politicians and other members of the Broad Front for a Free Venezuela met Saturday in several Venezuelan cities to analyze proposals to counter the May 20 presidential elections.

The Broad Front is an umbrella group formed by several oppositions parties and other organizations that is calling on Venezuelans to boycott the election, which it considers to be «fraudulent.»

One of the meetings was held in Bolivar square in the municipality of Chacao, an opposition stronghold.

«The Broad Front’s perspective is that we should meet to express our ideas and decide on a strategy,» Chacao city councilman Robert Garcia said during the meeting.

In Caracas, the Justice First (PJ) party, headed by Henrique Capriles, organized a congress with its youth leaders, in which the issue of how to counter the election was also discussed.

During the event, PJ congressman Alfonso Marquina referred to former-governor Henri Falcon, who ignored calls to boycott the election and decided to run against President Nicolas Maduro, who is seeking reelection.

Marquina recalled that Falcon failed to be reelected as governor of the state of Lara in October’s gubernatorial elections and said that Falcon himself had denounced electoral irregularities.

Many opposition parties and politicians have called on Falcon to withdraw from the race, insisting that the elections are «fraudulent» and that Maduro will inevitably win.

«The civilized and democratic world has already announced that it will not recognize the election results … and that it will not recognize Nicolas Maduro as the legitimate president of Venezuela,» Marquina said.