Corona Canada Furthers Commitment to Help Solve Marine Plastic Pollution Problem with Industry-leading Initiatives, in Partnership with Ocean Wise

Corona’s packaging advancements, partnership with Ocean Wise and The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, and ‘Plastic Beachgoers’ aim to educate Canadians…

Corona’s packaging advancements, partnership with Ocean Wise and The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, and ‘Plastic Beachgoers’ aim to educate Canadians about the threat of plastic pollution nationally

TORONTO, June 2, 2021 /CNW/ – Today marks a significant milestone for Corona Canada as the brand introduces a number of initiatives to advance its ongoing commitment and contribution to healthy, plastic-free shorelines in Canada. As well, Corona is proud to announce a partnership with Ocean Wise, a Vancouver-based global conservation organization focused on protecting and restoring the world’s oceans, and one of its programs, The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.

«As Canadians, we are proud of our nation’s natural beauty, but we often assume marine plastic pollution is a problem elsewhere and are unaware of our own contribution to the issue,» said Mike Bascom, Sr. Marketing Director, Corona Canada. «Corona recognizes that change needs to start with our own production lines and making market-leading changes to our beer packs is a tangible way we can set an example for the industry.»

In 2019, Corona Canada replaced all plastic packaging on its cans on Canadian store shelves with new compostable cardboard packaging. This year, in partnership with the GITEC (Global Innovation and Technology Center), Corona furthers its packaging commitments by launching revolutionary packaging for six-pack beer bottles, becoming the first global beverage brand to take surplus barley straw to create an innovative paper packaging solution. The process uses 90 per cent less water in its pulp production than the traditional raw wood process, along with less energy and fewer harsh chemicals. This fall, Corona will also be making further technology-based packaging advancements and will be among the first in the world to introduce a state-of-the-art innovation in paperboard packaging.

Corona has a history of protecting paradise so that we can all continue to enjoy it. Since 2017, Corona has cleaned over 1.6 million square meters of Canadian shorelines and this year, that number is set to increase. For every specially marked pack of Corona sold in Canada, one square metre of Canadian shoreline will be cleaned, in an effort to clean an incremental two million square metres by the end of 2021.

Shoreline cleanups are more relevant than ever as the impact of COVID-19 has increased the use of single-use plastics and pollution, which is contributing to polluting our shorelines. Corona’s partnership with Ocean Wise will aim to clean more of Canada’s shoreline through dedicated collaboration and united efforts, making it a timely and needed collaboration.

«This partnership with Corona Canada helps encourage Canadians to take part in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup,» said Laura Hardman, Director of Plastic-Free Oceans at Ocean Wise. «Educating Canadians on plastic pollution is important. Once in the environment, plastic litter has dramatic impacts on wildlife and ecosystems. By adopting solutions we already have available today, we can reduce plastic flow into the ocean by as much as 80 per cent. With Corona’s help, we can raise awareness of this issue and mobilize Canadians to take action to protect our oceans.»

To drive further awareness of Canada’s pollution problem and in recognition of World Oceans Day (June 8), during the month of June Corona will be popping up at waterfront locations in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, shocking Canadians with figures made with plastics removed from Canadian shorelines. The figures, aptly named Corona’s Plastic Beachgoers, embody our collective contribution to plastic pollution and were created to actualize the jarring statistic that, on average, Canadians use over 125 kilograms of plastic per person every year1, which is almost twice the average body weight. The Beachgoers will highlight the harsh reality of shoreline pollution in Canada, aiming to educate Canadians on the impact our lifestyle choices can have on our environment, as well as providing Canadians another way to learn about Corona’s shoreline cleanups in partnership with Ocean Wise. The Beachgoers will include a QR code that drives Canadians online where they can sign up for a local self-lead cleanup.

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