DERMALA, The Only Personalized, Microbiome-powered Acne Line In The U.S., Unveils New Social Media Video

[video src="" poster=""] SAN DIEGO, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — DERMALA, the only personalized treatment for acne powered by the human microbiome…

SAN DIEGO, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — DERMALA, the only personalized treatment for acne powered by the human microbiome and data analytics, is helping consumers achieve their skincare ‘Happily Ever After’ ending. The brand, known for its playful product names and whimsical packaging design, releases a royally engaging social media video.

«DERMALA is the Only Clinically Proven, Personalized, Human Microbiome Powered Acne Solution»

Created in partnership with Bacon and Eggs Media, DERMALA introduces their #FOBO® Acne Treatment Kit with a story of a Princess, hidden away in her castle due to her «FOBO – Fear of Breaking Out.» The microbiome-powered #FOBO kit comprises a cleanser, topical acne treatment, spot treatment, and oral supplement. The kit is paired with a smart skin quiz and DERMALA Acne Tracker app, a proprietary AI-powered data analytics platform. Customers use the app to upload photos, answer questions about their skin health, and track their treatment progress. DERMALA uses the app data to optimize acne treatment formulations monthly based on customers’ individual results.

«DERMALA offers the only clinically-proven, personalized, human microbiome-powered solution for consumers who struggle with acne,» said Dr. Lada Rasochova, CEO of DERMALA. «We relate to the struggle our customers have with FOBO. We created this video to show that so many people struggle with acne – even royalty can have a Fear of Breaking Out! With Dermala, you can finally say bye-bye to acne and hello to clear skin.»

DERMALA products are based on cutting-edge human microbiome science. They are formulated with patented microbiome-derived prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics that improve skin health naturally by balancing both the skin and gut microbiome, eliminating the bad, acne-causing bacteria, and strengthening the good, acne-fighting bacteria.

Each #FOBO Kit includes SCANTILY Pad® – AM/PM Acne Treatment pads with patented SE Microbiome Complex® and salicylic acid, CLEANSE with Benefits (aka Best CLEANSE Forever) – AM/PM Cleanser with patented SE Microbiome Complex®, SUPPLEMEANT to Be® – Daily Pre + Probiotic Mix with zinc, vitamins, antioxidants, and spinach leaf extract, and PATCH Me (If You Can)® – Targeted Pimple Patches. The formulation of acne treatment pads is fully personalized based on the customers’ skin and acne needs and optimized monthly, based on individual treatment results.

Visit to watch the amusing Princess video, take the #FOBO skin quiz, and purchase the personalized #FOBO Acne Treatment Kit. Consumers who sign up for a monthly kit subscription save 20%.


DERMALA, Inc. is a consumer dermatology company leveraging scientific understanding of the human microbiome and data analytics to develop novel solutions for acne and other skin conditions. The company’s #FOBO® (Fear of Breaking Out) Kit, a personalized, microbiome-powered solution for acne, combines proprietary topical acne treatments and oral supplements with the DERMALA Acne Tracker app that customers use to track their skin health and get product formulations continuously optimized based on their results. For more information, visit Watch the Princess video at


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