Direct-to-Consumer Brand Reel Enters Retail with Target Partnership

SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Starting today, Reel will be sold in Target, and it will be the…

SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Starting today, Reel will be sold in Target, and it will be the first completely plastic-free, tree-free bamboo toilet paper brand in the retailers lineup. The sustainable toilet paper will be sold in a specialty 12-pack, exclusively at over 200 Target stores nationwide and online at Every purchase of the 12-pack helps to reduce the 27,000 trees that are cut down every day to make toilet paper, according to the NRDCs 2019 report «The Issue With Tissue». With Targets shared commitment to sustainability and forward-thinking approach, Reel is excited to partner with a leading retailer that offers innovative, eco-friendly household essentials at a good value.

«Reels mission has always been to fight deforestation caused by daily consumable paper products. A majority of paper products sold in retail are still made from virgin fiber, contributing to the acceleration of climate change. Retail expansion will be a critical element of Reels growth strategy over the next few years, and were excited to partner with Target to help achieve this and reach more consumers for a greater impact. Having similar consumers, it was an easy decision to be able to offer the eco-curious family another accessible way to bring sustainability practices into their homes,» says Reel Co-Founder Derin Oyekan.       

Target consumers will be able to purchase Reels specialty 12-pack in completely plastic-free packaging, the first of its kind on the retailers shelves for the category. Packaged in a smaller size than Reels usual 24-count, the box was designed to be more convenient for city dwellers in compact spaces. Reels toilet paper is 100% bamboo and free of inks, dyes and BPA, thanks to their expertise in sourcing and engineering materials, made from rapidly replenished resources that have low impact on the Earths natural endangered forests.

To Date, Reel has…

  • Eliminated more than 130,000 pieces of single-use plastic
  • Provided access to clean sanitation to over 7300 people in Haiti
  • Built over 1,200 toilets in Haiti

2.4 billion people in the world do not have access to a proper toilet—and Reel launched with the mission to change that. Every box of Reel toilet paper purchased both direct-to-consumer and at Target helps fund the Reel Change platform, supporting quality of life improvements for disadvantaged people around the world. Their current partnership with SOIL provides access to toilets and removes waste from communities in Haiti, reducing the threats of waterborne illness posed by a lack of access to clean toilets.

The box will retail for $14.99. For the average consumer, a 12-pack of Reel toilet paper will last:

  • 1-2 people: 1 box will last 6 weeks
  • 3-4 people: 1 box will last 4 weeks
  • 5+ people: 1 box will last 2 weeks

For further information, please contact:

Travis Paul Martin 

Allison Hogan 

About Reel

Reel is committed to creating life-changing paper products that feel good, work well, and help the world. The brand launched in 2019 with a high-quality toilet paper made from 100% bamboo that puts a premium on comfort—the three-ply paper is soft yet strong, and dye- and ink-free. The brand is also sustainably-minded, using bamboo that is sourced responsibly and ethically, and packaging that is plastic-free and 100% compostable or recyclable (while also being elegant enough to sit out in your bathroom).

In early 2021, they launched a tree-free paper towel, continuing its goal to help everyone make their lives more sustainable, one small step at a time. In addition to being tree-free, Reels paper towels are free of inks, dyes and BPA, and its sophisticated packaging—from the box to the individual wrapping on each roll—is completely plastic free. In June 2021, Reel also became a Public Benefits Corporation, and is currently pursuing B Corp Certification, in an effort to further their dedication to environmental issues.

Co-founded by Livio Bisterzo and Derin Oyekan—two serial entrepreneurs dedicated to creating products that improve peoples lives—Reel is also supported by several well-known investors, including former NBA star Baron Davis, tennis star Maria Sharapova, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and award-winning actress Jessica Chastain.

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