The Audacious Agency Reveals What Female Founders Have Learnt About Business From Entering Awards

PARADISE POINT, Queensland, Australia, Nov. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lessons From the Female Founders’ Front: What I Have Learnt About…

PARADISE POINT, Queensland, Australia, Nov. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lessons From the Female Founders’ Front: What I Have Learnt About Business From Entering Awards

Winning an award sounds glamorous. Red carpets, manicured hands holding shimmering flutes of twinkling champagne, gracious smiles and fabulous ball gowns come to mind. This impression can be quite deceiving. Ordinary everyday entrepreneurs who drink their coffee and survive their meetings often believe only other people win awards. That awards are for some elite and glamorous sect of business people only.

Entering awards is an opportunity for growth and introspection, simultaneously.

A closer look at what it really takes to win a business award would surprise most people. It requires a learning mind that is adaptable and willing to take on new lessons. In fact, this is one interesting point many award-winning entrepreneurs report back about the process of entering an award; there is always an interesting opportunity for learning and introspection.

Among 5 female noteworthy founders who share their first-hand experience of what they have learnt by entering business awards, is Katrina Wurm. As an empowerment coach, Katrina has been working with mothers to assist them to bring routine and structure into their homes so that they have time back for true self-care. Katrina says that along the way there is also the affirmation that the work itself is powerful and impactful. «The number one thing I have learnt about myself from entering awards is that what I do makes a difference in the lives of others. It’s the ultimate form of positive feedback.»

Similarly, Sarah Thapa, an award-winning immigration lawyer and CEO of The Migration Agency (TMA), says:

«Entering awards forces me to stop and reflect on what I am doing and what we have achieved. As an entrepreneurial lawyer, I am always looking forward to what’s next and building or growing my business. But this has provided an opportunity to look back over a years’ worth of work and I realise that we have actually achieved a lot!»

Kristy Moore, the owner of an award winning travel agency, Travel Moore, is the first certified autism travel professional in Australia. As far as learning and awards go, Kristy has had her fair share:

«The one thing I have learnt about myself and my business from entering awards is that I am capable, even if I don’t think I am doing much or seeing any results or impostor syndrome kicks in – seeing all on the achievements down on paper in the application show just how far I have come and I can do it and achieving what I see out for the business.»

Dianne talks about the reflection process, «it’s easy to get bogged down in the day to day running of your business and lose sight of/not see the individuality, personalisation and brilliance that my business offers each of our guests. How things that come naturally for me to offer/provide for my guests – actually aren’t the norm, many of these things are way above the norm.»

Winning awards often feels like something that doesn’t form part of the mechanics of running a business, but in actual fact, that is precisely what it is when you turn it into a marketing tool.

«When you run your own business, you’re caught up in the day to day and you don’t often have the opportunity to reflect on how much growth you’ve had over the past year or two. . Entering awards helps you encapsulate all the milestones, all the new initiatives, all the wins you’ve had, and really helps put your achievements in perspective,» says Fiona Holmstrom, co-founder of STEM Punks, a company that provides award-winning STEM education for school children.

Some award-winners say the learning experience only expands with each time they enter.

«Each time I enter an award I remember/learn more about my business and what my business actually offers our guests. And the ‘Dreams Come True’ that staying at either of our gorgeous holiday homes provides each of these guests. Whether it be people requiring genuine wheelchair accessibility or pet (horse or dog) friendly holidays.» These words come from Dianne Denton, the proud owner and CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of Sea Horse Diamond Beach, an award-winning pet-friendly and accessible holiday accommodation.»

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